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Vision Correction

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A Tender And Nurturing Therapy To Correct Vision-Related Issues

Excessive use of screens including computers, smartphones, or other similar devices, and staring at small prints create straining and sore eyes. Stress-related headaches and tired eyes are very common these days.

Vision Correction is an Access Body Process to correct vision-related issues in a tender and nurturing therapy. It aligns your optical vision with your mental vision.

Vision Correctionª is a safe and natural vision improvement process that may help reverse eye problems, related to age or trauma. It rejuvenates vision and helps to manage sinus problems as well!

This Access Body Process not only triggers healing energies in your eyes but also cancels the beliefs you have about ageing and vision. Vision Correctionª amends your judgments about ageing, about what is or is not possible to fix regarding your sight.

Vision Correctionª with 16 nurturing energies, to help keep your eyes healthy and make sure you are seeing your best. This hands-on process can assist in correcting vision and undoing traumatic experiences to the eyes, including exposure to bright lights like flashbulbs. The process allows you to improve perception, and awareness and reverse problems that are locking up and limiting your life, your body, and your reality.

Vision Correction Process Benefits
¥ Near and Farsightedness
¥ Macular degeneration
¥ Itching
¥ Watery eyes
¥ Tired Eyes
¥ Glaucoma
¥ Sinus problems
¥ Trauma to eyes

Location: Dubai - Business Bay
Mode: In person
Duration: 30 minutes each 
Price: AED 2500 for 10 session
Age: Any

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