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Pia Kara - That's My Gal

After 18-years in the beauty industry, Pia found herself at a pivotal moment in her career. It was time for a new chapter, a fresh start. Driven by her passion and love for fashion, She made a bold decision to embark on a transformative journey. Fueled by culture and a desire for self-expression, She took the leap and founded her very own fashion brand -  That’s My Gal 

That’s My Gal is a phrase used to show praise and pride towards other females. That’s My Gal was created through passion, love for fashion, fabrics and prints. Every piece is created with the intention of representing and rejoicing the Gal of today through intricate handwork, finest material and delicate tailoring bursting with Culture, Luxury and Sass. We are known for our mood boosting vibrant colors, calm resort aesthetic and feminine styles inspired by real silhouettes celebrating confidence and freedom. That’s My Gal’s ambition is to make your wardrobe a timeless collection with our versatile pieces carefully designed to be worn in a number of ways for your special occasions be it in heels or bare feet
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