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RAMADAN PROMOTION 20% off on your First Order - Use Code RAMADAN20

Asma Chaudhry - Heart Acuity Coaching

Asma Chaudhry is a Leadership Coach who is dedicated to helping authentic leaders reach their full potential. Asma, who is ICF and CTI certified, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her coaching practice. Her pursuit of a Masters of Organizational Leadership demonstrates her dedication to lifelong learning and service. Asma's expertise in empowering professionals through trust, resilience, and a holistic mindset distinguishes her. Her evidence-based coaching approach accelerates personal growth and performance by turning obstacles into opportunities for clients to achieve their objectives. Asma recently founded Heart Acuity, a company that combines coaching science and Islamic psychology to improve leadership excellence.

Welcome to Heart Acuity Coaching, where we use coaching science and Islamic psychology to improve leadership and personal growth. Our services are intended to assist you in realizing your full potential as a genuine and effective leader.
  • Leadership Coaching: Our tailored coaching sessions are designed to help you develop essential leadership skills, improve communication, and foster self-awareness. We guide you through challenges so that you can lead confidently and achieve your professional objectives.
  • Empowering Muslim Professionals: We specialize in empowering Muslim professionals by instilling trust, resilience, and a holistic mindset. Our evidence-based coaching approach is based on Islamic principles, and it accelerates your personal and professional growth and performance.
  • Personal Development Workshops: We offer interactive workshops on personal development, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. We provide you with practical tools and techniques to help you overcome obstacles and live a more fulfilling life.
Our mission at Heart Acuity Coaching is to assist you in developing an awareness of Unity in Oneness in the mind, body, and heart, allowing you to become a transformative leader and achieve exceptional results. Join us on our journey to self-discovery and professional success. To take the first step toward realizing your true leadership potential, please contact Asma at

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