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Jelita Yusoff - CEDAR Autism

Welcome to the world of compassionate autism support! With a wealth of experience dating back to 2007, I am an Autism Consultant committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and the educational professionals who guide them.
For over a decade, I have dedicated myself to working closely with schools and families, creating tailored strategies to address the unique needs of children and adults on the autism spectrum. My focus extends beyond conventional therapy by offering comprehensive home-based interventions. This personalized approach aims to enhance the overall well-being and development of those under my care.
In addition to direct therapy, I am passionate about empowering parents through workshops designed to deepen their understanding of autism and equip them with effective strategies for support. As a firm believer in the power of education, I also provide training sessions to teachers and therapists, sharing insights gained from years of hands-on experience.
By navigating the evolving landscape of autism awareness and intervention, I ensure that my services are informed by the latest research and best practices. My mission is not only to provide support at an individual level but also to contribute to the creation of inclusive and accommodating environments within schools and homes.
CEDAR stands for Circle for Education and Autism Resources. It was registered mid 2023. It is a consulting autism company that work with organizations and schools who are looking to hire people on the spectrum. CEDAR provides consulting and training.
Join me on this journey of understanding, growth, and empowerment. Together, let's build a community that embraces and celebrates the unique strengths of individuals on the autism spectrum. Whether you are a parent seeking guidance, an educator looking to enhance your skills, or someone on the spectrum seeking support, I am here to make a positive impact on your journey.
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