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Pinky Khatanhar - MP3Creations

My name is Pinky Khatanhar. I am mom to twin boys, one of who is a Person of Determination. This propelled me to give up perusing my career and instead I decided to try and find something to do from home to fulfill my need to be productive outside of managing my household.
MP3CREATIONS came to be as a result of my need to do something productive outside of looking after my household. It's a Nano business based on making scrabble tile art box frames and wall art. Scrabble was and still is once of my favorite old school board games. So a couple of years ago while browsing pinterest, I came across scrabble tile art frames, and that was the beginning of MP3CREATIONS. I try to create one of a kind unique keepsake using these tiles for many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, weddings, engagements, baby showers, new home gifts, etc. I can also make individual tiles for you to create a customized crossword on your own wall !

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