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Selling Online through e-commerce marketplaces and the benefits - Inas Mughrabi

Selling Online through e-commerce marketplaces and the benefits - Inas Mughrabi

In today's post-pandemic world, where life is changing rapidly, people are more accustomed to selling and buying products via e-commerce websites. Gone are the days of traditional brick & mortar shop business!

Instead, setting up an online business has become easier and much more rewarding for any seller!

But, what are the key benefits of selling online and why is it worth to sell your products or services, especially for women who run their small businesses, on  an e-commerce website?

This blog post will help you understand better the key benefits of selling online and choose a reliable ecommerce platform such as Marketplace - By ItsHerWay – ItsHerWay FZC ,where you,as a business-owner woman, can sell and promote any product or service you want ! 

1.Lower Running Costs : The costs of selling online are much lower than selling offline! You can save on staff, wages, and other business costs such as electricity, heating costs, and above all rent. The money saved can be used to improve your business in terms of quality and product range.

  1. Flexibility: Imagine laying on the beach, enjoying your fresh juice and the wild sun while tracking your business online using your smartphone, isn't that amazing?! Well, yeah sure!. The ability to operate your business, especially for you as a woman, who might have kids and other family commitments, from anywhere in the world, is the most salient benefit of selling online. This can give you freedom and allow you to keep your eye on your business while being at home or anywhere you like .
  2. Lower Advertising Costs: Nowadays, promoting your products on social media channels is cheaper and more rewarding than the traditional old advertising ways such as T.V ads or newspapers. Moreover, social media marketing can be so effective in attracting new customers and knowing your target audience better! The Shepeeneur E-Commerce Programmeis a great example for promoting products for creative women who chose to thrive using an e-commerce platform that is operating from the heart of Dubai.

4.Time-Saving: TIME IS MONEY! And because it is so precious, you should know how to invest it well. When selling online, all business processes and payments are automated so you can save your time for creativity and development.It is a win-win game.

5.Higher Profits The payment process happens through secure ways that guarantee you are getting 100% payment straight away, hence more cash flows to your bank account. The selling margins are much higher when selling online than those of selling offline due to the options offered by the website such as the selling cart and the shopping options that control the whole process of selling and buying.

Still, hesitating about selling online?. Try launching your online business using our online e-commerce platform that is supporting +2000 women-owned business and be part of our women-powerd business tribe today !

Written by: Independent Contributor INAS MUGHRABI


About Inas Mughrabi

It has not been long since Inas made the transition from a language instructor to a translation professional to a full-time content writer. Quite a ride!

Now, working in the writing field, she understands that her passion is here and it has always been here! Since then, she has successfully completed many projects in content writing on various themes.She also realizes that an inquisitive mind and the ability to understand the niches are a must in this field. But most importantly, it's all about connecting with the reader!

She has a flair for details and a passion for all new trends.




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