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Dr. Supriya Chauhan - Keepsakes

Dr. Supriya Chauhan is a specialist Prosthodontist and certified lifecaster in Dubai. Her passion project, casting keepsakes involves a rare art of replicating any part of the body in varieties of materials like gold, acrylic, stone etc.,
Keepsakes is a celebrity 3D casting company in Dubai. 3D casting is a fun and quick way to create an exact replica of hands, feet, face, bumps, torso and even paws! It picks up all the wrinkles, folds and creases and would make for perfect keepsakes to be treasured for generations. A priceless gift for all occasions, from newborns to adults to pets!
As a life caster Supriya has made moulds of thousands of faces, pregnant bellies, hands, feet, abs, and paws casting which are the best souvenir and keepsakes reminding people of the precious memories.
She was bestowed with the title of best entrepreneur icon in UAE and Saudi by tallyawards 2022 and best artist IWD 2021, she was thh by the finalist in Global art awards in 2020. -In her 17years of casting, she has casted hands of lots of lovely families in India and the UAE including a few royal family members, ace sportspersons, actors, swamijis of ISKON and lots of lovely couples and newborns. Castings have revolutionised the customization and are now the much loved personalized gift for every occasion. - she was featured in th e leading newspaper of the UAE- gulf news and also few magazines like wondermom magazine and namaste India magazine in Dubai. 
Few of her well known clients are
  •  Royal Family of Baroda, India.
  •  Parineeti Chopra’s mom Mrs. Reena Chopra
  • Bhagyashree (actor) 
  • Rohit Bose Roy (actor) 
  • Niharica Raizada (actor) 
  • Alexandra Salazar (no. 1 female padel tennis player in the world)
  •  Maxi Sanchez ( Ace Padel Player)
  • Zain Imam (actor, 17th sexiest man in Asia)
  • Mandia Bedi (actor) 
  • HH Indradyumn swamiji and various other swamijis of ISKON. 
  • Jumana Khan (actor) 
  • Shazia Ilmi (politician)


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