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Hello, my name is Suganya and I am a self-taught Mandala artist who discovered the magic of transformation of my life ever since I started drawing. Though I am a microbiologist, when I started drawing Mandala art, I felt a sense of connection deep in myself and felt the presence of my own. This inspired me to take up Mandala art as my full-time profession and over the last 6 years, my work has found its place in many homes and offices in different countries. I also participate in several art exhibitions in India and UAE and conducted workshops for both kids and adults. One of my greatest joys is that every piece of art which finds its new home has created a huge impact in bringing positive energy to the place and creating a feeling of calmness in people’s minds.

“Art by Suganya” was incepted in 2017 and it was started with one solid purpose; to spread my love of Mandala arts. My goal is to continue to bring more awareness to this meditative form of art that uplifts and inspires those who purchase or come into contact with my work. While I create the art, I start with deep research in carefully selecting the patterns. I tend to create a balance between them and detail them to create an overall harmony of the art with vibrant colours. I also design customized Invitations, Greeting cards, Tote bags and more products with mandalas. I welcome you to have a look at my artwork and I am sure you will be inspired. You may pick the one that connects with you and you may also get in touch with me if you need something specially customized based on your requirements
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