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Namita Malhotra - Mindful Mentoring

Namita Malhotra, a Change Management Facilitator, is dedicated to empowering women in transition, helping them navigate life's challenging personal changes with a profound impact on their emotional and physical well-being. Through Mindful Mentoring, Namita assists women in overcoming self-doubt, overwhelm, and anxiety. Her mission is to facilitate a seamless transition, allowing individuals to unlock their inner potential and become the best version of themselves. By blending proven and tested tools and techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, quantum physics, and various life coaching and change management models, Namita offers a scientific yet holistic approach to sustainable change and the realization of one's dreams.

Mindful Mentoring was born out of a desire to help people like you who are seeking fulfillment and itching to follow their highest excitement.

Know that the only thing holding you back is you. Namita wishes to help you re-discover your own inner potential and be the best version of yourself at any given time.

It is possible to live the life of your dreams with an understanding of how the brain works, supporting that with proven and tested tools and techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Quantum Physics, and several life coaching and change management models. This scientific yet holistic approach will help you create a sustainable change in life.

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