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Interview and Podcast Special Launch Feature - Driven by Purpose with Armin Jamula

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Current price Dhs. 880.00

Unlock the power of narrative to propel your brand into the spotlight with "Driven by Purpose with Armin Jamula," a dynamic podcast series brought to you by the innovative team behind "It's Her Way." This service offers a unique platform for entrepreneurs who merge profitability with societal impact, sharing their journeys to inspire and engage a community of like-minded leaders.

What We Offer:

  • Exclusive Interview Opportunity: Participate in a 20-minute podcast segment where you can share your entrepreneurial journey, discuss your business model, and highlight how you integrate purpose into your profit-making activities.
  • Professional Production: Benefit from a professionally conducted interview complete with pre-interview preparations, and receive three polished video cuts plus the raw footage for your use.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Leverage the extensive network and follower base of "It's Her Way" to gain significant exposure within and beyond the UAE.

Benefits of the Service:

  • Amplified Reach: With podcasts rising in popularity, participating in this series can increase your reach, potentially going viral, particularly with trending short video content.
  • Content Marketing Tool: Utilize the podcast videos across your business and social platforms to boost your visibility and establish your credibility as a thought leader.
  • Leadership Showcase: Position yourself as an industry expert and a visionary business leader, enhancing your profile among peers and customers alike.

Special Early Bird Rate: For our inaugural series, we are offering a limited-time rate of AED 880 for the first 30 guests—a substantial discount from the standard industry price of AED 6,000.

Join the Movement: Be part of a growing trend towards meaningful business practices and gain a platform to share your story, connect with a global audience, and inspire others to embrace purpose-driven entrepreneurship. 

Themes and Topics for The  Launch Series for you to choose from:

  1. The Purpose-Driven Mindset: Understanding the mindset needed to merge profit with purpose.
  2. Foundations of Purposeful Business: Key principles for starting a purpose-driven venture.
  3. Interview with a Social Entrepreneur: Insights from successful purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
  4. Sustainable Business Models: How to create a business that is both profitable and sustainable.
  5. Leadership for a Better World: What it means to be a leader in a purpose-driven business.
  6. Women in Entrepreneurship: Challenges and triumphs of female entrepreneurs.
  7. Building a Brand that Matters: Strategies for brand building with a purpose.
  8. Ethical Marketing: How to market your business ethically and effectively.
  9. The Role of Innovation in Social Impact: Innovative approaches to solving social problems.
  10. Community Building Strategies: How to build a community around your business and mission.
  11. Purpose-Driven Networking: How networking can help your purpose-driven business.
  12. Balancing Profit and Purpose: Real-world examples of profitable and purposeful businesses.
  13. Scaling a Social Enterprise: Tips and challenges of scaling a purpose-driven venture.
  14. Investing with Impact: How and why to invest in socially responsible ventures.
  15. The Global View on Purposeful Business: International examples of purpose-driven enterprises.
  16. Customer Retention through Social Good: How doing good retains customers.
  17. Employee Engagement in Purposeful Companies: Engaging employees beyond paychecks.
  18. Tech Innovations Driving Social Change: Technology that's advancing societal benefits.
  19. Financial Planning for Social Entrepreneurs: Managing finances in a social enterprise.
  20. Legal Considerations for Purpose-Driven Startups: Legal advice for social entrepreneurs.
  21. Success Stories: Transforming Communities: Stories of businesses that have transformed communities.
  22. The Future of Work and Purpose: How purpose is reshaping the workplace.
  23. Mental Health in the Entrepreneurial Journey: Maintaining wellness amidst business pressures.
  24. Philanthropy vs. Profit: The balance between giving back and making money.
  25. Purpose in the Green Economy: Opportunities in sustainability and green businesses.
  26. Cultural Influence on Social Entrepreneurship: How culture shapes business approaches.
  27. Partnerships for Impact: Forming partnerships to amplify social impact.
  28. Overcoming Failures with Resilience: Stories of resilience in purpose-driven paths.
  29. Youth and Innovation: The role of the younger generation in driving change.
  30. Looking Ahead: The Next Big Thing in Purposeful Profit: Trends shaping the future of social entrepreneurship.

Each episode aims to provide actionable insights and inspiration for listeners to either start their own purpose-driven ventures or to integrate more purposeful practices into their existing businesses.

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