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Exploring Immunology

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Our "Exploring Immunology" course is designed for homeschoolers, high school students, and college prospects who have an interest in biology, medicine, or healthcare-related fields. This engaging and interactive course aims to:

Provide a comprehensive understanding of immunology and its significance in healthcare.
Explore the components of the immune system and how they work together to protect the body.
Examine various pathogens and the diseases they cause.
Explain the immune response and the role of antibodies.
Investigate how pathogens spread and strategies for prevention.
Dive into the world of vaccines, their development, and their impact on public health.
Discuss modern developments in immunology, including cutting-edge technologies.
Showcase real-world applications of immunology in healthcare and career opportunities.

Throughout the course, students will participate in hands-on activities, projects, and experiments to reinforce their learning. By the end of the program, participants will have a strong foundation in immunology, equipping them with valuable knowledge for future studies and career pursuits in healthcare or related fields.
Duration : 6X1 Hour Sessions 
*Flexible sessions, Sessions needs to be scheduled within 2 months from the date of payment