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Personal Branding Workshops by Irem Sefa

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Personal Branding Workshops

3-hours live personal branding workshop for women in business that you will learn and work on how to create, build, communicate and sustain your personal brand to increase visibility, recognition and impact in your business.

•           If you are a passionate woman in business who wants to be a 'magnetic brand' with more visibility and recognition to make a difference for more people, you should come to this workshop!

•           As a woman in business you will learn how to create, build, communicate and sustain your personal brand to increase visibility and attract more opportunities in this workshop!

•           During the workshop you will be implementing BrandyMe Personal Branding Model onyour personal brand.  BrandyMe Personal Branding Model is designed for women who want to create their personal brand in business life demonstrating their unique value and leadership, to stand out with their unique strengths, to reach wider audience to make a difference as well as to be more visible, seen and heard in each aspect of life.



• Why is Personal Brand Management Important?

• What is a Personal Brand and Personal Branding?

• What is the Branding – Marketing – Sales Difference?

• Challenges and Opportunities on Personal Brand For Women

• brandyMe Personal Branding Model 


• Using BrandyMe Personal Branding Model for Your Personal Brand

1.Personal Brand Discovery

To discover you personal brand and clarify your unique super power through researches, surveys, tests and strategy sessions.

2. Personal Brand Building

To analyze your target audience and differentiate from competitors, identify your niche market, unique value proposition and brand promise.

3.Personal Brand Communication 

To build consistent communication strategy to communicate your personal brand through various online & offline tools.

4.Personal Brand Sustainability

To create a long-term personal brand plan with KPI's to ensure the sustainability of your personal brand demonstrating your unique value, leadership and expertise in your industry. 

About İrem Sefa Yayımlar:

İrem Sefa Yayımlar is a Certified Personal Brand Strategist, ICF Coach accredited at Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda's School in Personal Branding Strategist, Digital Branding Strategist Program and 360Reach Personal Brand Analyst Program. 

She is specialized on strategic marketing & brand management and performance coaching.

Previously, she has managed corporate brands and created marketing strategies in leading multinational companies as a brand and marketing manager for 7+years. Then she has worked in London as an International Division Manager in world's leading training and development company, Landmark Worldwide and coached over 300+ people in Europe.

She believes each person has a gift to share and contribute to the rest of the world. Personal branding is the best tool to cultivate that. So, combining her passion of empowering women with her branding & marketing expertise and coaching experiences, she is currently running her own business and co-creating personal brands with business women demonstrating their unique value and leadership in the relevant industry all around the world.

Related to that, she is the founder of brandyMe Personal Branding Consultancy and Brand Women Leaders Community in which she provides 1-1 personal branding consultancy and workshops for women in business and empower them to recreate their unique and leading personal brands all around the world.