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RAMADAN PROMOTION 20% off on your First Order - Use Code RAMADAN20

CHESS (The Royal game of Champions) by Small Gaints

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Chess is a great way to teach children the skills they need for life. It helps young minds to gain focus, patience, critical and analytical thinking, dedication and a mindset for success.                                                                                    

Our highly rated FIDE  coaches will make sure that you are ready to checkmate!!! any opponent in your life. Chess works on rational thinking, increased IQ, concentration and patience. Experience one game in our free session with the best coaches and experience it yourself.

Chess Training in 5 Levels: We have the comprehensive learning framework, with levels divided by ratings,  tailored for children starting from beginner to advanced. While children put in their hard work in practice, our trainers help in learning concepts and game analysis.                                                                                         

We prepare kids to compete in tournaments                                                           

Beginner -Learn the Basics

Lower Beginner -Principles of chess -  16 classes
Learn to make legal moves, understand basic concepts such as check/checkmate
Chess Kid Rating - 800
Upper Beginner- Analyze and improve  -24 classes
Learn to analyze mistakes, how to avoid them, understand threats and opportunities  
Chess Kid Rating - 1000.     

Intermediate -Learn to Compete
Lower Intermediate - Strategy & Tactics - 24classes
Make plans, identify patterns from puzzles, make tactical moves. See through opponent moves, make purpose oriented play.
Chess Kid Rating - 1200
Upper Intermediate - Theory & Practice - 24 classes
Learn advanced concepts such as zugzwang, fortress etc. Play different forms of Chess including rapid, blitz, bullet formats.
Chess Kid Rating - 1500.         

Advanced -Master the Game
Advanced - Opening & positional play  - 24classes
In-depth game analysis, preparing opening repertoires, positional and strategic game play. Take advantage of opening and end game advanced strategies.
Chess Kid Rating - 1600

*Note : Number of classes per month : 8 classes, Mentioned price on monthly bases.


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