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Girisimci Anneler Kulubu


We were established to provide a sisterhood network that offers various trainings and activities with an expert team that will provide benefit and value to Turkish-speaking mothers who want to be mumpreneurs all around the world, by giving them the support and strength they need as mumpreneur, mother and women. 

We want to enable mothers who want to develop and expand their ventures, or who want to reveal their entrepreneurial and creative sides, to progress and become successful women by establishing a work-life balance with a calmer approach to their goals, without feeling under pressure, through various trainings and activities. In addition, we want to help mumpreneurs make this process more enjoyable by providing the difficulties and problems they experience during their motherhood process, the trainings and activities they need for the development of their children, and to meet and communicate with mothers who have gone through similar paths. In addition to this, besides our entrepreneur and mother identities, we feel the necessity of meeting our self-worth, self-compassion, self-respect, self-love and self-awareness and personal care needs with various trainings and activities, by not forgetting that we are women first and foremost. 

We enable you to establish the balance that should be between entrepreneurship, motherhood and femininity and to experience awareness and transformation with this balance you will establish in your life. We enable you to feel this balance in your life and to experience the positive impact it creates more deeply with each passing day, with the organized trainings and activities. 

Founder of the Entrepreneurial Mothers Club, Eda Yazar Erdoğan, after completing her education life in Istanbul and London, organized local and international training events during her time in Turkey where senior executives trained. With her London-based consultancy and marketing company, which has been operating for more than 7 years, she has provided consultancy and marketing services to companies and individuals in various sectors in Turkey, and has played an active role in the presence of many companies first in the UK market and then in the global market. The social networks and experiences she has gained through numerous international travel and dining organizations, trainings, seminars and press conferences have enabled her to better understand the pleasure she gets from interacting with people in an interactive way, socializing and helping each other.

Virginia Woolf said, “If a woman is to write fiction, she must have money and a room of her own.” With the belief of mothers should take an active role in working life, it has been her greatest passion to create the room that all women need in order to realize themselves in the world we live in.

After becoming a mother, the responsibilities of motherhood, the difficulties in time management and socialization, and the lack of a platform where she can communicate with entrepreneurial mothers and exchange information, experience and support in every field made them realize. This situation encouraged the establishment of the Entrepreneurial Mothers Club, which was designed as a sisterhood club for mumprenuers going through the same processes, where they would grow and develop each other, gain awareness and support in many areas of their lives. 

Our Entrepreneurial Mothers Club is here to support each other in our journey of becoming an entrepreneur, mother and woman, to receive training in the areas we need, to feed ourselves and our souls with various activities, to socialize and to create an international social network!



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