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Let us remind you YOU’RE A BRAND!


You have a unique voice that sets you apart from the competition. But what if that voice isn't reaching your target audience? What if they're not even able to understand what you mean?

If your brand's messaging isn't connecting with your audience, it's time to get back to basics. You need to revisit where your brand comes from and how it defines itself in order to create a cohesive narrative around what sets you apart from other brands on the market.

The best way to reach your audience is to speak in their language.

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, and they'll tell the world about you if you treat them right.

 Getting the right messaging tone for your business is like finding a needle in a haystack—except it's a haystack made of needles.

And that's not even the worst part. You have to find the needle that fits your message, put it in your hand, and then try to use it to sew up your own hand! 

Did we scare you too much? Don't worry: we've got you covered too. Here are some tips for setting a messaging tone that's just right for you and your customers:

  1. Think about what you want your audience to feel when they receive your message—and then go after that feeling! If you're selling happiness and hope, think about how your message might make someone feel happy or hopeful when they read it.
  2. Use words that evoke the below-mentioned emotions of your audience 
  • Loyalty: Helps prospects to trust you faster (i.e. providing their contact information) and existing customers to spend more over time.
  • Confidence: Encourages consumers to purchase more in the beginning and turn to you for ongoing support.
  • Fear: Strengthens your connection with your audience, increases their reliance on your business and improves their memory of your brand.
  • Curiosity: Gets your audience to explore your brand and click through to your content.
  1. Don't be afraid of using humour! People love humour—it makes them feel more comfortable around your brand because it shows that you're human too!
  2. Last but not least; DONT GO OVERBOARD. Let's say keep it simple since many people love to read messages that are short and simple.

As you build your message, keep in mind that your audience likely doesn't care about the features and benefits of the product—they simply want to understand what problem it solves for them, and whether or not it's worth spending their money on. With this in mind, carefully consider your wording to ensure that you use the most concise, convincing language possible. 

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written by: Nazia Ansari

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