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Small business essentials in HR Webinar Pre Recorded

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Recording of Webinar on Demand

When you’re running a small business, there are so many things to take care of—sales, marketing, product development, etc.—not to mention the very important task of trying to make a profit and stay in business. With all of that to worry about, HR work can sometimes slip down the list of priorities. That’s a shame because there are some very important HR basics that every small business should be taking care of.

For example:

- Do you know about all the employment laws that affect your business?

- Are you taking care of your staff members’ training needs?

- Have you benchmarked your compensation to make sure it’s competitive?

- Are you doing everything you can to keep your staff safe, to resolve conflicts effectively, to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, and more?

Every small business has different needs and these expand as you grow. AskHR provides the expertise to make a difference—now and in the future. Whether you’re focusing on the HR basics or are tasked with tackling every possible aspect of HR, AskHR has you covered.