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Marriage Mantra


Marriage Mantra is known for popular Exhibitions such as ‘Parineeti’, ‘Pink Almari’, ‘The Design Square’, ‘Design Inc’, ‘Shehnaai’, ‘Bride Bazaar’, ‘The Saturday Flea Market’, and many more. Their local and international exhibitions provide a platform for local Indian suppliers and customers to come together for mutual benefit. With sheer hard work and integrity, they have expanded their horizons beyond exhibitions for wedding-related shopping. Marriage Mantra now encompasses different theme-based exhibitions and has started to explore new markets in alliance with ItsHerWay, and the first milestone is Parineeti coming to Dubai this October.

Marriage Mantra's portfolio is studded with numerous success stories of small exhibitors starting their journey with their exhibitions and moving on to establish their stores. Whether an India-based designer or a UAE-based fashion brand, it's an incredible opportunity to participate in a world-class fashion exhibition and let the world applaud your incredible delicacy and perfection in Indian Wedding and Festive Fashion.


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