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Careers Day

Careers Day

ItsHerWay Announces First Women's Career Day Learning and Networking Event in UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - ItsHerWay, the leading women's career development platform, is pleased to announce the launch of the first-ever Women's Recruitment Drive on May 31, 2023, in Dubai. This event is aimed at empowering women in the region by providing them with the opportunity to upskill and connect with local companies looking to recruit talented women.
The event will feature a range of workshops aimed at helping women develop their personal branding and upskilling themselves with the right direction on how to present themselves in different scenarios. It will also focus on the things women need to consider when looking for a job after a long break, managing mindset and expectations all around.
Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts in their fields, network with peers, and participate in instant resume submission and potentially screening with first interaction with the direct employer.
"We are thrilled to be launching the first Women's Recruitment Drive in Dubai," said ItsHerWay's Founder, Armin Jamula. "Our goal is to empower women by providing them with the tools, resources, and connections they need to succeed in their careers. We believe that this event will be a valuable opportunity for women to upskill themselves, network with peers and meet with prospective employers."
Space is limited, and interested participants are encouraged to mark their calendars and book their spots as soon as possible. This event is open to all women looking to upskill themselves, explore new job opportunities or connect with other women in their industry.


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