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Mindfulness for Teens - HappiVani

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As Happiness and mindfulness coach I assist women to live a happi and mindful life. Most women have expressed their concern about the kids, as they are the most important treasure in their lives. Kids have their own world and when they enter Teenage they go through a whole range of hormonal imbalance. Their social and emotional awareness and consciousness take a huge turmoil, along with all the academic and additional classes they are introduced to. Digital era has only added more stress to kids as they live a very fast paced life.

 Every Parent wants the best for their kids however, subconsciously we make kids life orchestrated with their own fears and learnings. I remember as a child I had enough time to enjoy my childhood days, play in the rain catch a butterfly and just be silly. But nowadays, why the kids are stressed most of the times. 

Parents teach and impose loads of pressure since toddler stage and children grow up with unexplainable pressure. We read kids running away due to exam pressure and some even give up thinking they are failure in life. Instead of being the strength of our future world they are living their  life as an adult now than  a child.

Mindfulness is the most simple and effective technique to connect kids to reality. Mindfulness teaches kids, that they are worthy and are the most wonderful beings in this world. Mindfulness connects kids to their parents, as it helps them to see their parents, as support and not stress, as security and not a threat. Few tweaks to their busy life can bring fulfillment and happiness in their life. Stress is going to be part of everyone's life and to give an angle that kids are not alone and just teaching them to love themselves for who they really are is so important.Everyone has 24 hrs, mindfulness gives one a chance to use this to the fullest. Kids need to live their life then they can work towards success. Teens learning to take control of their life and manage their stress will be the best gift a parent can give their child.

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