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IHW Partnership with Trainocate for the RESET Program

IHW Partnership with Trainocate for the RESET Program

ItsHerWay provides a space for businesswomen to connect, share, and support one another. They have partnered with Trainocate – one of the world’s leading Learning and Development Service providers.  

 ItsHerWay supports and empowers passionate and business-driven women in UAE to enable and accelerate their financial independence. It helps them follow their dreams and profit from their hobbies and hidden talents. 

Trainocate has premier Partnerships & Affiliations with Top-tier partner status with leading vendors and organizations like AWS, Cisco, CompTIA, Google Cloud, Microsoft, NetApp, Trend Micro, and UiPath. And now ItsHerWay has partnered with Trainocate for RESET Program. The aim is to encourage Shepreneurs to build their competencies in current and emerging areas, thus increasing their brand's credibility and the market value of their team members.

RESET stands for Remote End-User Self Enablement Training, a complete self-service learning solution for the busy learner on the go. It offers 5000+ task-based training videos to Microsoft 365 customers. RESET is based on the fact that each learner can train at different times at their own pace. ItsHerWay wants to assist its sellers to solve all their e-learning challenges with one app.

Trainocate will host webinars on various relevant topics to train shepreneurs. Their videos can be streamed from any device so that users can complete their assignments anytime. The videos can be linked to any adoption campaign messages by job role or department. The viewing history of the training videos will also be available for tracking and reporting purposes to identify learning trends.

Program Features

• 5000+ task-based videos

• Fully customizable

• Accessible from any device 

• Clear "How to" instructional videos

• Single sign-on          

• Indexed searching

• Easy monitoring & tracking

• Built-in gamification feature

• Improves knowledge retention skills

‘Several female entrepreneurs in this region sometimes limit themselves in reaching their brand’s full potential due to lack of basic awareness of modern tools like working on data entry software like Excel / PowerPoint and drafting emails correctly. This instantly limits their opportunities to represent their brand well. Due to the small boot-strapped nature of their businesses, they cannot hire people to work for them on getting those basics done. They might be extremely informed in their fields and industries but not having the knowledge or resources to operate basic computing software can create a huge barrier to their business’s digital transformation. The first step in the right direction will always be the step of education, RESET is an affordable, easy-to-use, and effective training tool for our tribe that comes to them with a few clicks. I am excited to see how this new learning journey for my Shepreneurs turns out.’ -Armin Jamula, Head Of Business Strategy and Marketing at ITSHERWAY.

RESET 30 Days Program Offers -

-30 minutes of learning from 8.30 am to 9.00 am from 2 November to 1 December, 2022

-Short self-learning gamified modules on various Microsoft 365 apps such as TEAMS, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, etc.

-Transcript on many languages

-Different topic each day

-Back end-support if needed with the opportunity to troubleshoot

-Click here to register and receive an invitation 

-You will get a calendar invite with a link for each day

So what are you waiting for? Register today! 



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