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The Mindset for Women Entrepreneurs - Webinar by Kim Shelar - 26th Jan 2023

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About the Webinar:
The webinar "The Mindset for Women Entrepreneurs" will cover a variety of topics related to the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in business. The first topic that will be discussed is why an abundance and growth mindset may not be effective for women entrepreneurs. The webinar will then delve into the reasons why women in business often struggle with money and sales. The essence of being a woman entrepreneur in the FSW mindset will also be explored. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to assess where they currently stand on the scale of success as a woman in business. Finally, the webinar will provide attendees with the first three steps to achieving the "Mindset of FSW."

About the Speaker:
Kim, the founder of MIE MIND (My Infinite Energy - Mind), is a meditation expert, energy healer, and mindset coach. She has spent 16 years in the corporate world before dedicating herself to helping others tap into their own gifts and talents by enhancing their infinite energy and releasing blocks. Through her company, she offers trainings, workshops, retreats, subconscious priming books, and one-on-one sessions. She also hosts a podcast, "Say More by MIE MIND," and regularly shares the "Reflection of the Day" on BIG FM radio in Dubai. Her goal is to bring the benefits of mind potential and energy to those who spend most of their day in the office or in business.