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Gift Box - Parfums de Soin 14 Colours 30 ml

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Dhs. 1,750.00
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This gift box contains all fourteen Altearah synergies for emotional well-being in 30 ml.

Together, the full set of Parfums de Soin is the personalisable go-to wellness tool.

Our flagship product, the PARFUM DE SOIN, offers a multi-sensory experience of scent and emotional well-being. This perfume is a perfume to feel, not to apply or wear for others' benefit. This perfume exists in 14 synergies, or 14 colours, each a promise of a unique emotional journey. With 100% of ingredients coming from natural origin and 98%-100% of total ingredients produced through organic farming, ours is a product you can trust in the age of greenwashing. Certified organic, natural and cruelty-free.

Instructions for Use:
Spray into the palms of your hands 2 to 3 times, rub them together, then place them in front of your face and breathe in deeply 3 times with your eyes closed.
Or, lightly spray the hollow of your neck to bring a chosen emotion to your day.