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Exquisite PU Leather Cat/Dog Cow Bell Collar: Adorned with Bone Studs

by Petsary
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Dhs. 45.00
Dhs. 45.00 - Dhs. 50.00
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Discover a delightful and whimsical way to captivate your feline friend during playtime and nap sessions while safeguarding your furniture – introducing the enchanting Wooden Cat Scratcher! Crafted from sturdy wood, this scratcher/nest is a fortress against even the most passionate cat scratchers. Unleash the magic of play and exploration, fulfilling your cat's innate desire with this fantastic creation. Gift your furball endless amusement with our Nest/Scratcher! SIZE: 55x28x29cm.

Widely Adored: Tailored for cats of all ages and small animals, this scratcher meets every kitty's need for hiding, scratching, and rest. Cat Scratcher House: Not only is the cat scratching board a cozy haven for relaxation, but it also adds a touch of charm to your lovely home. Material: Crafted from durable and wear-resistant corrugated paper, the cat scratching board entices your cat to play, ensuring ample exercise and fun.

Bestow the Joy: The ultimate holiday and birthday gift for both you and your cat-loving companions. Furniture Guardian: Provide your cat with a designated scratching zone, preserving your furniture and carpets from their claw-sharpening endeavors. Features: Material: Wood and Corrugated Cardboard Paper. Type: Cats. SIZE: 55x28x29cm.

More About The Product: Keeps The Cat Busy: Bid farewell to boredom with these toys that eliminate dull moments. Curiosity Unleashed: Designed for the endlessly curious feline, these toys elevate playtime to new heights. Classic Elegance: The toys come in a timeless color, enhancing your cat's playtime with a touch of sophistication. Active and Happy: Engineered to keep your pet active, these toys stimulate their instincts and reduce anxiety.

Our interactive cat scratcher doubles as a playtime haven and a cozy nest for catnaps, promoting movement, alleviating anxiety, and strengthening the bond between you and your cherished pet. Good Quality Material: Committed to your pet's well-being, we use superior, non-toxic materials in crafting these kitten-friendly cat toys, ensuring a healthy and safe play environment. Our cat accessories are designed with the welfare of cats and kittens—and the environment—in mind. Color: Black, Red, Pink

S Size: 22 - 27cm1.3cm
M Size: 24 - 32cm1.5cm

Color: Red
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