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Build B2B products & services that are positioned to sell [Part I] by Adnan Moinuddin - Pre Recorded

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  • B2B Product / Service Companies

  • Participants: Business Owners,  Marketing Heads and Customer Experience Heads


Many businesses hit a slump after initial growth. The reason? They're neglecting critical market signals and customer insights - this results in misaligned positioning and not being able to speak the customers’ language.

While businesses recognize the importance of deep market understanding, only a fraction capitalize on it using a scientific & structured process.

Don't let this halt your momentum. In this 3-part series, we’ll help you delve beyond surface-level insights and help you implement the latest customer led approach to:

  1. identifying your audience's evolving requirements

  2. defining your unmatched value and 

  3. igniting a new phase of growth

Feel the satisfaction of knowing every pulse of your market where you lead with precision and purpose.


This is the first part of a three part course series called 'Build B2B products and services that are positioned to sell'. 
The parts in the series are below:
  • Part I [current] - The Core fo Business - Your Prospects & Customers
  • Part II - Crafting Your Unique Value.
  • Part III - Messaging & Momentum - Drive & Convert
The overall description of the course continues below followed by the details of Part I.


The parts in the course have been designed to be cohesive but can be taken independently.


  • Reduce sales cycle (from pitch to won deals)

  • Increase high intent prospects

  • Reduce your overall Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Position your product/services for sustainable growth

PART I - The Core of Business - Your Prospects & Customers

Delve deep into the world of your customers and prospects. In the era of customized solutions, understanding them is not just important; it's imperative.

Topics Covered

  • Positioning & Customer Led Growth 

  • How to gain profound Insights into your customers behaviours and preferences.

  • Segmenting your customers

  • Crafting customer personas: beyond demographics / firmographics

  • Feedback loops: Continual learning from customer/prospect interactions.


  • Develop a  comprehensive customer persona for precise targeting.

  • Implement a robust feedback system to continually refine understanding.

  • Set the stage for tailored value propositions.


  • Establish a deep-rooted connection with your target prospects / customers

  • Improve your product / service offerings

  • Lay the groundwork for more focused and effective strategies for positioning your brand

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