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Manassah Partners with ItsHerWay

Manassah Partners with ItsHerWay

ItsHerWay partners with StartAD for Aldar Manassah Programme to drive acceleration for Female Entrepreneurs

We're so excited to announce the launch of a new collaboration - ITS HER WAY x StartAD for Aldar Manassah Programme.

Manassah is a retail  incubator by Aldar aimed at cultivating entrepreneurial talent and advancing retail concepts in the UAE to become part of Aldar’s thriving retail portfolio. The incubator programme is welcoming submissions across retail SMEs such as cafes, restaurants, boutiques, wellness spaces, and other innovative concepts.

This year, Manassah is bringing on board esteemed partners such as Khalifa Fund and Cloud Spaces. These partnerships will elevate the programme through workshops, mentorship, network access and introductions, as well as financial incentives.

This partnership will give aspiring shepreneurs of Its Her Way a chance to showcase their business ideas and in turn get the resources they need to turn their homegrown businesses into viable businesses and overcome scalability challenges. There are several other benefits for Its Her Way sellers, including world class mentorship, priority access to secure a space in Aldar’s top retail destinations, equity free financial contribution, exclusive start up rent package, 12 month advisory board engagement from top notch strategists, unparalleled network access to Aldar and access to cloud spaces. 

Click Here To Apply Now!

Last date for application is 28th August, 2022.


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