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Armin's 5 Years & Onwards

Armin's 5 years & onwards

What if I told you that before I launched, I went from pillar to post, trying to sell my idea to my close friends and family. I thought I was doing the right thing by trusting the people I love in the most significant decision of my life, taking on the daunting journey of becoming an Entrepreneur. 

 While I had all the motivation, confidence, and self-belief inside of me, I kept seeking external validation from people who did not and could not understand my "Why." I tried to explain my reason to them with facts and figures I believed they would relate to. This way, I always "short sold" my story and purpose while leaving honesty behind. 

 When someone asked me how much profit I would make in two years, I wanted to shout ‘NONE,’ you idiot! But I would have supported over 400 women setting up their businesses. If they succeeded, I would make money. But instead of doing that, I whipped up some not-so-dramatic numbers to show steady growth and a good GMV on some great-looking presentations I made over the years.

When I pooled the funds to start this business from my savings, I took permission to use those funds for my idea. I still hate myself for doing that. Before I could use the funds, I had this full-blown meeting with my friends and close family to validate the idea - not that I needed money from them or was waiting for them to sign a golden cheque for me. All I wanted was moral support, a good NOD on my idea, and perhaps a few pointers on how I could make this work —just some words of encouragement.

Over time, I realized judgments were made by those who never remotely walked a path similar to mine. Why would I trust and believe what they said about my idea, business, and vision? I did that only because I thought they were like-minded individuals who understood me. But, I was wrong. They only understood me as a friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a colleague.

They never saw me as the person I wanted to become, and I had already begun becoming—a passionate entrepreneur. A woman who wants to live her dream and bring to life is where women entrepreneurs can thrive.

With double the punch and grit that came from somewhere deep inside of me. I launched in May 2017. It is one of the only safe places and platforms for business ideas to come to life, focusing on building an unbiased environment for women who feel stuck. ItsHerWay has supported over 2000 female entrepreneurs in business, and we know the challenges, pain points, and barriers a woman puts on herself.

We at are there to support you at every step of the way, mainly because most people weren’t there for us, but we made it because we saw the power of belief, trust, and, most importantly, the power of community. The power of having access to a sizeable like-minded community of women who have also gone through similar challenges as you have in life naturally gives you an ice breaker that you will never need to face. 

This particular element of relatability is what female ENTREPRENEURS must thrive on today. Some of us are leading the way for others. Let's remember that we're always stronger together, and there has always been room for more women on the top.

When you become part of ItsHerWay, we get the golden opportunity to share your success story to inspire other women. And we support you with a unique set of tools that opens up endless opportunities for you. 

Our 3 C's

- Commerce

- Communities

- Collaborations

are the pillars of our platform. We do not want to grow alone. We want to grow with you and celebrate with you.

So here I am, calling all Women Entrepreneurs in the region who sell products/services. Let's connect and widen this ecosystem by strengthening the power of female leadership. 

Watch this video to know more about the journey of ItsHerWay -

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