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Unlock your leadership potential and create a path to career growth for yourself with this coaching program:
1. Break Free from Career Stagnation: Clarity on your career goals and what is holding you back. Identify clear career goals.
2. Find Purpose and Meaning in Your Work: Reconnect with your passion and values and align your career to the same.
3. Shatter the Glass Ceiling: Transform self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
4. Boost Confidence and Overcome Imposter Syndrome: Embrace your strengths and positive qualities. Boost self worth through positive affirimations, self compassion.
5. Achieve Work-Life Balance and Reduce Stress: Create and manage your priorities, time management techniques and strategies to manage work related stress/burnout. self-care for self care and time for loved ones. Build positive habits that enable this.
6. Overcome Procrastination, perfectionism and Decision Paralysis: Develop effective decision-making skills. Boost your confidence and develop growth mindset. Strive for personal best rather than perfectionism.
7. Navigate Career Transitions and Changes:  Successfully transition into a new/senior role or job, explore new career paths and make informed choices. Embrace change and leverage it for personal and professional growth
8. Feminine Energy: Get in touch with your feminine energy and learn to trust yourself.
9. Last but not the least, unleash entrepreneurial Aspirations if any: Overcome obstacles in starting your own business, develop a roadmap for entrepreneurial success

Duration : 12 sessions – 60 mins each (4 - 6 months)