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Find your purpose, gain clarity on your career ambitions, identify what you want to do and make a successful comeback after a break with this specialised coaching program for women. Age, time taken off, experience no barrier.
1. Identify your purpose / goals – Identify your passions, strengths and values.
2. Get clarity on your career path & choices: Identify career paths that align with your values and purpose.
3. Identify the challenges or blocks stopping you from returning to work – Some are real/practical challenges such as loss of skill sets while others are subconscious blocks leading to self limiting beliefs.
4. First transform these self limiting beliefs or blocks – Boost your confidence & self belief.
5. Develop a positive mindset & habits – Let go of negative energy.
6. Create an inspired action plan which will enable you to return to work – Get clear on what would like your perfect day to look like, do you want to work full time or part time, do you need flexible / hybrid hours, do you need to update your skill sets and so on. Create clear goals that you can communicate at home and work.
7. Enhance Time management skills.- Together, we'll optimize your time management skills, prioritise tasks, and create efficient routines that maximize productivity and help you gain back time and return to work.
8. Manage stress and mom guilt: Learn techniques and build resilience to handle stress effectively, conquer mom guilt and nurture your well-being. Develop a positive habits that empower you to face any challenges.
9. Set healthy boundaries - Learn to establish boundaries that protect your boundaries at work and in your personal life. Communicate these boundaries and gain the confidence to say no. Prioritize your own needs so you can cultivate a life that aligns with your values and enables a smooth transition back to the work force.

Duration : 12 sessions – 60 mins each (3 months)