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Nidhi Sah- BBG Royals

Nidhi Sah studied graphic design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She has worked extensively as a book designer for leading national and international publishing houses. One of the books designed by her has been a recepient of the pretigious President’s Award in India while another was launched by the then Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh. Nidhi is also a visiting faculty of design at NID and various other design institutes. After making her mark in the world of graphic design and books, she parallelly started exploring another interest of hers in sarees and print design. That marked the beginning of BBG Royals in 2015.
BBG Royals is best known for its exquisite range of printed sarees, scarves, shirts, jackets and more. The prints are based on meticulously hand-painted artworks by talented artists. These beautifully crafted pieces are reminiscent of the bygone era when beauty, simplicity and elegance went hand in hand. The brand is committed to provide highest quality products with distinctive designs and production standards. It is for this reason that it has found immense popularity and appreciation amongst the royalties of India. All the pieces are limited editions, because, true love as you know, is reserved for a special few. Welcome to their Royal world.
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