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ItsHerWay and the Global Sustainable Development Goals

ItsHerWay is a platform that aims to support and empower women entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence, and in doing so, contribute to the global sustainable development goals. Our social enterprise is committed to driving progress in the areas of gender equality (Goal 5), decent work and economic growth (Goal 8), and no poverty (Goal 1).
Through and, our commerce channels, we ensure a sustainable income for our #Shepreneurs and contribute to the economic growth of the region. By providing a platform for women to turn their passions into profitable businesses, we also support poverty reduction and advance the overall well-being of women and their families.
Our community-driven approach also aims to break down gender barriers and create a more equal society. We believe that empowering more women to become successful entrepreneurs is a critical step towards achieving gender equality and creating a better world for all.
Overall, ItsHerWay is dedicated to driving progress towards the global sustainable development goals, with a specific focus on Goals 5, 8, and 1.

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