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Empower Her

Participate in EmpowerHer 24' is excited to present a 8 -week accelerator program, exclusively tailored for established women-led ventures. EmpowerHer is a distinctive program designed to accelerate business growth across borders. Our 8-week accelerator, culminating in a 7-day roadshow, focuses on advanced scaling strategies and international market penetration. This program, encapsulating the 5 Es - Exhibit, Engage, Empower, Educate, and Execute, zeroes in on advanced scaling and international market strategies. Join us to engage, educate, and execute your business expansion.
Why EmpowerHer?
  • Tailored for established women-led ventures
  • Accelerates scaling and international market strategies
  • Engage, collaborate, and prepare efficiently despite geographical boundaries
  • Gain insights into regional dynamics and collaborations
  • Reduced risks for faster cross-border growth
What's Included:
  •   Full 8-week agenda covering scaling, global approaches, marketing, finance, and more
  • Dubai-based 7-day roadshow with immersive industry visits and networking opportunities
  • Customized delegate fee structures for different stages of access
Program Benefits:
  • Uniting women entrepreneurs globally by welcoming delegations from the UK, Switzerland, India, Turkey, and Romania.
  • Comprehensive cross-border networking training and enhanced market visibility.
  • Engaging roadshow experiences including market visits for firsthand insights into supply chain dynamics and potential collaborations.
  • Efficient preparation for the culminating roadshow despite geographical boundaries.
  • Workshops designed to set tangible milestones for global expansion, accompanied by evening Investors' Dinners & Pitching Sessions.
  • Streamlined and facilitated travel arrangements by trusted partners, providing tailored support for business expansion in the region."
Join a Global Community: ItsHerWay, a leading female entrepreneur community in the Middle East. At, we are proud to be the most established community of Female Entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Since our founding in 2017, we have been dedicated to empowering women and fostering their success in the business world.

Our mission is to contribute to the global footprint of small business success rate, and we are thrilled to announce that businesses that have stemmed through ItsHerWay have a success rate of 18%. This is a remarkable achievement when compared to the global success rate of small businesses, which typically ranges from 1% to 5%.

Join us at EmpowerHer and be part of a global movement empowering women in business




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