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ItsHerWay Celebrates the Power of Networks with Esteemed Ambassadors

ItsHerWay Celebrates the Power of Networks with Esteemed Ambassadors

Dubai, UAE - June 1, 2024 – ItsHerWay is proud to announce and celebrate the power of networks with the introduction of our esteemed June Ambassadors. At ItsHerWay, we recognize the invaluable support of our tribe of close supporters in every endeavor we undertake. These exceptional businesswomen have nurtured strong relationships and connections within the ItsHerWay network, embodying the ethos and values of our community.

Our Ambassadors are at the forefront of our business network. They serve as the first line of support for new members, offering guidance and encouragement at every step. From this point forward, every new member will have a quick online connect with one of our Ambassadors followed by an onboarding session with ItsHerWay. This initiative ensures that newcomers are warmly welcomed and can hear firsthand how they can benefit from our community.

Introducing Our Esteemed June Ambassadors:

Join us in congratulating these phenomenal leaders and celebrating their achievements. Each has uniquely contributed to the vibrancy and success of our community.

“Our Ambassadors are an extension of the heart of ItsHerWay. They are instrumental in fostering a supportive environment where every member can thrive,” said Armin Jamula, Founder of ItsHerWay. “Their dedication and leadership ensure that our community continues to grow stronger, together.”

For more information about ItsHerWay and our Ambassadors, please visit


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