Upgrade Your Image Quotient

Upgrade Your Image Quotient

Change with Renae by Shagufta Patel
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Success isn’t by accident!
You create an impression each time you engage with the world.
No matter who you are, what you do or what your age, you are constantly being judged.
This impression is 'Your Image' in the minds of others.
Your Image effects the perception people have about you, which in turn affects your success in every aspect of life – your life on the job, your social life, even your personal relationships with others.
Making a conscious effort to control the impact of your image on people and situations is linked to the achievement of your goals.
Question is – Does ‘Your Image’ work for you… or against you?

What is an Image?

What is Success?

Image Management is Essential for:
Teenagers/ Young Adults/ Adults
Executives & CEO’s
Brides & Grooms

Create an Authentic, Attractive, Affordable and Appropriate Image each time you interact with the world!

Workshop Details (Online or In-person):
The bespoke consultation will bring to the forefront your most desirable self to create a winning Image.
The consultation includes a personal recommendation guide curated especially for you.
You will learn:
Lifestyle Analysis
Elements of Clothing
International Style Scale
Yin & Yang of Personal Style
Yin and Yang of Dressing
• Bodyline & Face Shape Evaluation
• Personal Colors

Refund Policy:
• Service once booked cannot be cancelled.
• Booking if cancelled by the seller will guarantee a full refund.