The Art of Meditation with Rashi Datt

The Art of Meditation with Rashi Datt

Tranquility by Rashi
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A simple as well as effortless way to meditate with the help of Mantra. A 3 day workshop 1 hr 30 mts.

The spiritual strength that we can get by meditating can help us and guard us from all the panic that's going around in our world. Meditation helps you to settle your mind, calm your emotions, bring physical and emotional strength and boosts immunity. If you have the will to survive through any adverse situation, it is possible.
~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar 
Come, learn to meditate and 
Be with more focus, clarity, joy & inner peace! 
Don't miss this golden opportunity.
Service Specification

3 days workshop with each session for 1 hr 30 minutes.

The session will be through zoom, you can do either group class or private 

 Specifics of Service

Total Number of Hours : 4.5 hours
Cancellation & Refund Policy

Please message for a trial.

Class once booked cannot be cancelled