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Dhs. 4,080.00
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The workshop will have 15-20 people.
The workshop will be 6 hours long.

"Storytelling has grown in popularity and reputation as a person but also as an organizational strategy. It’s a broad but powerful skill set that can be applied in management, marketing, decision-making, and far more.
When we improve our storytelling we create meaningful relationships, we make people more aligned to our vision, our purpose, and give us the possibility to create a united and cohesive action.

In this program the participants will learn and improve about:
- Storytelling, Voice, and agency for women’s representation in leadership. They will craft a captivating story exercise.
- How to create a Story presentation,
- Stakeholder mapping for successful relationship building.
- Effective Networking,
- Assertiveness in communications and how to give and receive feedback.
- Conflict resolution abilities
- Establish a presence.

We help you address your organization's most pressing gender equality and women's economic empowerment-related challenges.

Contact us to learn more about dates and customization for your organization."