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Our pets give us happiness, love, and joy in our stressful lives. So, when we see our pet or any other animal suffering from anxiety, old age, or illness, we are willing to do anything to provide them with comfort and relief. We offer pet healing services for your little furry mates that will help pet parents understand their pets better and/or help them with any issues that their pets may be facing. We provide a variety of energy healing aids such as Reiki, Theta Healing and Angel Therapy for your pets that may help them in their journey or ease any pain they may be going through. Reiki is spiritual energy that is the essence of our existence.This type of energy therapy is safe and gentle for your furry friends and helps them heal and recover faster.

Theta healing on animals is more of a communication session with energy work and belief work. Angel Therapy involves Archangel Ariel who is the protector of animals on earth. Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel also help in emotional and physical healing. All these services are available for the well being of your pets and can be done online over zoom or in-person.