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Original price Dhs. 2,720.00 - Original price Dhs. 2,720.00
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Dhs. 2,720.00
Dhs. 2,720.00 - Dhs. 2,720.00
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The workshop will have 15-20 people.
The workshop will be 4 hours long.

"Regionally and around the globe, more countries are diversifying the professionals who represent them, and are elevating women to positions of power - not just to listen and observe, but to participate at the decision-making level. We need to prepare women to navitaging organizational politics and savviness.
This program is focused on learning how to navigate difficult bosses, work cultures, toxic colleagues, etc. Understanding organizational culture and work with it.
The participants will gain the tools to succeed in difficult workplace environments and complex organizational structures.
They will learn how to influence and reach their goals despite complex politics within an organizational environment and understand power dynamics in organizations and effective tools to manage.

We help you address your organizations most pressing gender equality and women economic empowerment related challenges.

Contact us to learn more about dates and customization for your organization."