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It’s all in your head: How to identify and transform your limiting beliefs.

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Time Duration: 90 min
No. of session: 1

Our head is our best resource, but sometimes it just does not serve us to the best of our potential. The reason for this might be that we hold on to limiting beliefs.

Our beliefs are the stories that we are telling ourselves. But these stories don’t always reflect the objective facts of our lives. And this happens due to the way our brain stores memories: some experiences become distorted and twisted, some are emotionally charged. 

Our work on transforming your limiting beliefs will start with understanding how our brain works and use this understanding to achieve our results. So, let me share with you some recent findings about the brain:

  • Our brain is wired to pay attention to negative things – danger and fear is the default state, as from ancient times this was vital for survival. 
  • Our memory tilts towards bad experiences. We tend to remember negative things more. 
  • We tend to expect bad things to happen unless we actively question our awareness and direct our attention. 

Becoming aware of this helps us change our perspective and attune our expectations to be more objective – and this means, simply more positive. In this session you will gain more awareness and do some deep work towards identifying and transforming your limiting beliefs, so you can move faster towards your better future.