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GIFT BOX Be.Candle - Eid Limited Edition

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Dhs. 99.00
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Be.Candle Eid Gift Box was created for you to share the holy festive time vibe with your near and dear ones.

Gift this beautiful box or admire at home, and enjoy the natural and pure vibe or our products.

It contains:

__ Rolled beeswax honeycomb candle of your choice (scented or unscented, plain yellow or coloured red/green candle).

__ Eid Candle Plate, star-shaped.

__ Eid Sachet with Rosemary scent.

Pure beeswax. Use in your closet and drawer for pleasant odour and air purification.

__ Set of 2 Luxury Melts

Pure beeswax. Scented by luxury niche fragrance oil.