Enhance Employee Image and  Brand Efficiency - (Corporate Groups Sessions)

Enhance Employee Image and Brand Efficiency - (Corporate Groups Sessions)

Change with Renae by Shagufta Patel
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First Impressions – They Matter
In any business interactions, first impressions are crucial
7 seconds is all it takes to create an impression
It affects people’s perceptions, which in turn effects success in business transactions
Success of every organization equally depends, if not more, on the professional image of its employees
The employees are the real face of the company – the Brand Ambassadors
People do business with people they like and trust
Are your employees projecting the right company image to the outside world?
Image Management teaches them how to maintain an improved & enhanced Image
Employees gain the confidence to present matchless professionalism

What is an Image?

Workshop Details (Online or Onsite):
Sync your Employee’s Personal Image with Your Brand Identity to create a winning formula.
Participants will learn the elements of Image and the sub-elements of each of the following:
Appearance and Grooming
Body Language and Behaviors
Digital Presence
Energetic Influence