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Deep Awareness and Creating Lasting Change Coaching

by joy
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Dhs. 3,500.00
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Individual sessions, online or face-face
10 sessions of 1-hour one-to-one coaching.
For when you are feeling stuck and need clarity in your life and are ready to start making changes based on the clarity and awareness you reach throughout the session. Throughout 10 one-one sessions, we will look at the negative patterns that are holding you back in life and identify the potential negative beliefs that you hold about yourself on a subconscious level that stops you from succeeding and moving forward. Furthermore, we will take a look at your values to see if you are living according to your values, or if they are no longer authentic and true for you and therefore need to be reassessed.
Furthermore, we will tailor the sessions to your specific needs and goals depending on what serves you most to focus on, and the goals you set for the coaching program. We could potentially work on you connecting with your internal leader and inner wisdom, or we can do inner child healing work, if relevant. We can also look at the defining moments in your past where your inner limiting beliefs were formed, and how to start redefining them in order to move past them. And we can work on you redefining or realizing your strengths. With a 10 session program, your specific needs and agenda is in focus and you as the coachee will be very involved in tailoring the program to your specific needs and wants.