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Build your Confidence

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Dhs. 300.00
Dhs. 300.00 - Dhs. 800.00
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Time Duration: 90 min
No. of session: 1

Be more assertive, set and enforce healthy boundaries or express your opinion. Self-confidence or lack thereof are often a crucial parameter when it comes to building a successful business, maintaining healthy relationships, and feeling comfortable in your own skin and around other people. Being and acting with self-confidence does not mean being pushy, or arrogant, or making sure to win every argument and take the most attention in the room, but it means trusting in your own judgment, capacities, and abilities. It's about valuing yourself and feeling worthy, regardless of any imperfections or what others may believe about you.  

In this session we will work on boosting your self-confidence based on your personal perceptions, strengths, weaknesses, needs and aspirations. We will work both ways: inside-out and outside-in:

  • Inside-out confidence: get a positive view and healthy attitude about your skills and abilities. Find out how you can best accept and trust yourself and have a sense of being in the driver's seat in your life.

  • Outside-in confidence: feeling confident will show in your posture and body language. But neuroscience shows that it can also work the other way around and changing your behavior can lead to the changes in how you feel and think. 

Self-confident people seem at ease with themselves and their work. They invite trust and inspire confidence in others. These are all attractive characteristics to have. I will equip you with individually tailored actionable tools and strategies for your own relaxed self-confidence.