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1:1 Coaching Service 5: Return to work

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Whether you have taken a career break for a few months or few years, the thought of getting back to work can be overwhelming. It is a big decision which is almost always straddled with feelings of doubt, low confidence, separation anxiety from your child/children, mom guilt, chaotic schedules, other uncertainties and challenges. Therefore, many women who have decided to take a career break after having a baby find it difficult to get back to their careers especially if the break has been 2 years or more. However, I would like to tell you that it is never too late to get back to work at any age, no matter what the length of your break. Often getting back to work makes you happier and feel more fulfilled which in turn is healthier for your child, family and yourself.

I coach women so that they can do away with the overwhelm and plan a smooth transition back to the workforce. We will work together to overcome any doubts and challenges such that you can re-enter the workforce feeling confident and prepared.

I will provide the support and tools you need to help you get clear on your work/career goals, identify your strengths and ensure you are going back to a job you enjoy or a dream career/goal you are passionate about.

I can also provide support and guidance with your resume, job search and help you prepare for interviews and meetings.


Duration: 1 month (4 sessions– 60 mins each)

Price (4 sessions): 1975