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These sessions are designed to help you identify your purpose and get clear on your goals. I will help you choose goals that are aligned with what you really want rather than settling for goals that don’t really light you up.

We will first look at your inner child to help you connect with the most authentic part of yourself. We will then work on a set of exercises that will help you identify what you are really looking for in your life based on your passions, values, skills, character strengths, interests, rather than where you are being led in life by others/society/your beliefs. In this way we will first identify your purpose and write down a life purpose statement for yourself.  

We will then work on getting clarity on your short term and long-term goals. This can also help us identify what (if anything) is keeping you stuck or holding you back from identifying your goals/ identifying your purpose.

A lot of us struggle to really understand what we want because we have been so used to settling or placing limitations on ourselves because we don’t believe what we really want is possible. Often, we are influenced by what others think we SHOULD do, rather than what really lights us up.

This session then is about identifying your desires free from these limitations. We will also ensure that you are specific with your goals/intentions rather than being too vague and general with your desires.

Unfold the possibilities for yourself with this clarity session.

Duration: 1 month (3 sessions– 75 mins each)