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Signature Onyx Candle (Unscented)

Original price Dhs. 90.00 - Original price Dhs. 90.00
Original price
Dhs. 90.00
Dhs. 90.00 - Dhs. 90.00
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__ 100% natural beeswax

__ handcrafted

__ lead-free cotton wick

__ unscented

__ 100% natural onyx vessel

__ refill available

Designed and crafted in Dubai, this candle made of pure natural beeswax, with 100% cotton wick, in natural onyx vessel. Unscented.

Burning time 6-8 hrs.

Being a member of the quartz family, onyx is believed to have healing properties. Yellow onyx is said to help with healing wounds, regulating organ function and strengthening the back. It helps sooth anxiety and depression and can boost emotional strength.

Place it in your favorite space and create a Zen-like temple of mental rest and repose. Those big protective vibes also make it a great stone for placing near entrance points.

Refill available. We can refill your candle with natural beeswax and you can enjoy it again and again without paying for the new candle.

Send the refill request to our email, mention your order number, name, phone number and we will process the refill within 24 hrs.