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Financial Planning and Asset Allocation

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An Asset is a resource that has an economic value. The major asset types are Cash, Fixed Income, Gold, Real Estate and Equity. Some assets help in preserving the value of your investment, while others help in growing your investment.

The way you allocate your investments between the different asset classes will determine your net worth. Assume Your friend has the same disposable income as you and invests in the same asset classes as you do. She could end up having a few million dollars more than you at the end of, say, 20 years just because she had allocated her investments better.

So asset allocation is one of the most important criteria determining your net worth!

It is important to arrive at the ideal asset allocation strategy based on your risk tolerance, your financial goals and your investment horizon.

Asset allocation goes together with arriving at a financial plan unique to your requirements.

So let us meet to see what will work best for you.