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Craft Your Career Vision 90-Min Coaching Session

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Future always comes with uncertainty, ambigiutiy and complexity. Having a clear career vision helps you to navigate in your career with unknows. Despite the unknowns, if you have a vision, you will boost your chances at achieving your dreams and being successful.

Your career vision is your guide and you can use your vision to provide you a sense of purpose. When you have a clear vision of what you want to happen, you can make better decisions.

Crafting your career vision on your own may not be an easy activity. Unknowns and your obstacles may discourage you to think for your uture and you can feel yourself insecure and not confident.

This 90-Minute Coaching Session is created for you to evaluate your current career situation against your original desires and personal values and helps you become more self-aware of the actions you can take to bridge any gap. If there is a disconnect between what you want to do and the work you’re actually doing, then there is most likely some degree of dissatisfaction, frustration, or confusion with your career or current job. On the flip side, when you prioritize your purpose and values, you win.

This coaching session will help you to find your purpose, values and create your vision statement.

ersonalized, Customized 1:1 coaching is a professional process where I support you to make a change, learn something new or achieve your goals. Coaching is an experiential process in which you can increase your self-awareness, design your mindset and create solutions for yourself.

My mission is to help as many professionals achieve success and fulfillment in both their careers and personal life. Also, being an expert in Mindfulness and Transactional Analysis, I use a mixed coaching model that incorporates tailor-made tools to activate my clients.I helped hundreds of professionals from different backgrounds to identify their unique skills, strengths, passions, and purpose to greater motivate. In turn, this helped them quickly realize their full leadership and entrepreneurial potential.

My coaching programs can help you to SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY and INCREASE YOUR FULLFILMENT & INNER PEACE.
#of Sessions :1 Session
Duration : 90 Minutes
Platform : Zoom / Teams / Google Meet