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Coaching for Entrepreneurs - Free Consultation

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Duration: 45 min

Coaching is a great way to help you become aware of your own potential, to think better, expand your perspectives, and gain more clarity about your goals and priorities.

In this free session, we will explore what are you looking for, what is your understanding of coaching, and what would you like to achieve with it? 

I will tell you how a coaching engagement with me as a coach can work for you and I will explain what is special about the brain-based coaching approach. Let me give you some insights, so you can better prepare your questions. 

For me, coaching is about bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and how you can move along this path in a consistent way and be proud of your achievements. The engagement is structured in a way, that encourages and motivates you to explore your boundaries and achieve more, than what you initially thought was possible:

  1. I use a self-directed approach where you come up with your own answers, rather than me telling you what to do. This is a very brain-friendly approach, as no two brains are the same and you think about the same things in a completely different way than I do, or any other person would. That is why giving advice does not really work and no matter the number or quality of advice of other people, your best chance to find the answer is to think it over for yourself.
  2. I will also keep our sessions solution-focused, rather than focusing on problems. We will talk about your challenges and problems enough to understand them and their impact on your success, wellbeing, or happiness. Then we will move toward finding ways towards where we want to be.
  3. The goals that we set, will most likely be bigger and different from those you normally set yourself, which will present a degree of stretch for you. In this way, by reaching these goals, we will most probably exceed your own expectations. 
  4. Along the way, I will offer lots of positive feedback to deepen your learnings, leverage your strengths and encourage your growth. 
  5. Finally, this is a structured process that ensures that we stay on track and progress towards our goals. Your coaching sessions will be carefully architected by me, as your coach, to benefit you and your thinking, learning, and action.

Curious? I am looking forward to meeting you.