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Balancing Hormone and Fertility Services

Balancing Hormone and Fertility Services



I am a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and menstrual cycle coach. My passion is teaching women about your menstrual cycles, how to chart your cycles, and overall have more body literacy and autonomy by:
Empowering you with all the basic knowledge of your body and endocrine system.
-Learning how to live in tune with your cycle and sync your life with your cycles.
-Becoming more body literate and understanding how your body communicates with you.
-Learning how to track your cycles using the sympto-thermal method of natural
fertility to gain more understanding of your body and how it communicates with you. Empowering you to use this method for both 100% natural contraception with no side effects or conception.
I believe we live in a world that teaches us from an early age to feel ashamed of our bodies and menstrual cycles and see them as more of an annoyance and something disgusting that we should not speak of. 
I am here to change all that narrative and actually teach you the basics of your cycles and how to harness the amazing POWER it can have on your life.
When you chart your cycles, live in tune with your cycle, and learn to listen to your body, you can actually heal your body and experience painless periods, with minimal PMS and find hormonal balance.
I am here for you, to empower you! 


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