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Celebrating the Pioneering Forces: Women of Substance from India and Pakistan


In the modern world, where boundaries are merging and horizons are expanding, there are women who transcend borders with their unwavering spirit and unparalleled achievements. As we approach the Independence Days of India and Pakistan, we wish to spotlight the incredible journeys of some women who are making waves in their respective domains. Representing the essence of, co-founded by Armin Jamula from India and Naureen Mohammed from Pakistan, these women are the embodiment of a shared vision of unity, ambition, and excellence.

Charul (India): The Unwavering Optimist

Charul's leadership style is an amalgamation of insight and authenticity. With an approach that prioritizes experience-sharing to influence actions, Charul navigates the business landscape with finesse. Her ability to stay grounded while leveraging pivotal business information sets her apart. Recognized as a decisive voice in decision-making processes, Charul’s endorsement of Fearless and Purposeful Leadership has cemented her position in the business world. Her optimism is not just an inherent trait but a choice she makes every day to drive change.


Anishkaa Gehani (India): The Marketing Maestro

Spanning nearly two decades, Anishkaa Gehani's career in marketing is a testament to dedication, innovation, and strategic foresight. As the Founder of Yardstick Marketing Management, she has honed the art of brand storytelling. Working with over 1,000 brands, including Fortune 500 companies in the Middle East, Anishkaa's award-winning campaigns stand as a testament to her expertise.

She has been instrumental in elevating startups, converting them into multi-million-dollar ventures through astute marketing strategies. As a member of the International PR agencies network and the IBPC network, she consistently showcases her commitment to promoting international collaborations. A frequent panelist and an award recipient from globally recognized PR associations, Anishkaa’s contributions to publications and her investment ventures further solidify her stature in the industry.

Saima (Pakistan): The Educational Visionary

Navigating personal challenges with resilience, this leader's journey from the Career Counseling Club in Lahore to the helm of StEPS LLC is both inspiring and enlightening. Her dedication to mentoring and nurturing young minds led her to the University of Warwick, where she acquired a Masters in TESOL. Today, her company not only provides counseling to students but also supports numerous internationally acclaimed universities with student recruitment. As a certified trainer with over 25 years of experience, she has been instrumental in guiding countless individuals in their academic and professional journeys. Her dedication to helping women re-enter the workplace showcases her commitment to empowerment and growth.

Beenish Haider (Pakistan): The Legal Luminary

Leading the way in the legal realm, Beenish Haider is the Managing Partner of Lex Consortia Legal Consultancy. Her expertise in franchising, joint ventures, and mergers & acquisitions has revolutionized the accessibility of legal services globally. An alumna of the esteemed National University of Singapore, Beenish’s commitment to sustainability, leadership empowerment, and nurturing emerging talents forms the core of her professional identity. Her unwavering focus on innovative solutions combined with her vast experience positions her at the forefront of the legal industry.

ItsHerWay, co-founded by Armin Jamula and Naureen Mohammed, embodies the spirit of unity in diversity, much like the fabric of the UAE. While nationalities may differentiate us, it's our shared vision and dream to uplift and recognize exceptional talent that truly binds us. This month, as India and Pakistan honor their years of independence, we shine a spotlight on these remarkable women who defy borders with their achievements and fervor. Here's raising a toast to the pioneering forces of business and the quintessential women of substance who continue to inspire and lead by example.